I am so excited to be launching inspire Passport and to be beginning this creative journey! I’ve always wanted to have my own space of the internet to call my own. And isn’t that the point of blogs?

So what’s the deal with inspire Passport? What is it exactly? I think the best way to describe it is as a lifestyle blog. I believe that inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. Inspiration that will push you towards creative projects whether they be for artistic purposes, room design, or just something that gets you to do something different in your life. Inspiration is personal. What it can do for you is different from what inspiration can do for someone else.

Here you can find a casual place to relax and hangout in between the adventures of your life. Maybe something you find here will influence your next adventure or maybe the adventure that you’ve gone on can influence someone else. Share it! That phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? It totally applies here! Comment, email, share what inspires you and it could just wind up on this site*!

So here’s a toast (a hot cocoa toast) to you and me and the adventures and inspiration to be found.

Adventures Await!

Jocelyn, Creative Director and Founder

*must meet policy/standard approval of the site to be posted.