Now I know that you won’t be reading this until sometime in May (post the May 17th launch) but I thought that this might be more beneficial if I publish it now. 

A lot of people, bloggers or otherwise, have step-by-step tutorials. Youtube is FULL of them. 

This is kind of like that. I think it’ll help both you and me. In this particular series, A Step in the Write Direction, I will be SUPER transparent. My thoughts, my feelings, what I’m doing, what I’m changing, anything that has to do with this blog. I’m going to write it all down. It’ll be pretty much stream of conscious thinking but I’ll try to focus on a topic each time. And with that, here’s the first entry:

It’s March 25 and I have a week under 2 months until the launch of inspire Passport. Not gonna lie, I wish that day was already here and yet I like that I still have time. The site’s not ready yet. At the time of this writing, there’s only 2 posts published, a bunch of pages (that are blank) and several post drafts just waiting for me to actually decide what to do. yeah…

You can see why I wish it was already launched. That would mean that everything that needs to be done is ALREADY done. Oh well, wishful thinking.

Prepping for this launch isn’t what I expected at all.  I was thinking I had this great idea, I’d build it, launch it and after a period of *cough* a month *cough* I’d start gaining followers.

Okay so that was the pipe dream I had, I knew (really, though I did know) that it would take longer. But I did think that once it was actually launched, then I could actually start building it up. The people that I wanted to interview, I wanted something to show them, some link to show that I was legit.

I’m still a college student so I find the time to work on this site in between classes, homework assignments, club activities and social events. Sometimes I’d rather work on this site than anything else. I guess that means it is actually something I enjoy. Good thing too, otherwise I’d be questioning why I’m working on it in the first place.

A few months ago I had a Google+ hangout chat with a blogger whose website I follow. She gave me some key pieces of advice including the idea that I should already have content up and posted for the day that it’s launched. And while part of me is tempted to just have everything scheduled and ready to be posted ON Launch Day, I am also worried something might not work right so it’d be better for me to create and publish now and then I know it looks and works the way I want it to.

Until we meet again between adventures,


What are some struggles you faced when launching a product, website or business? Put your comments in below!