This is not my first run around the block when it comes to blogging. I started back in my freshman year of college in 2010. Back then I swear I was on an adrenaline rush, a mixture of my roommates starting blogs and me watching Julie and Julia and wanting to create my “soon-to-be-famous” corner of the internet.

To that I say, Ha.

I think there were only 6 posts on that blog, 5-10 on 4 others, up until last year when I did write a blog post almost daily for 6 months. And then I got the idea for this one and I lost the motivation for that.

But my failed attempts at blogging have caused me to think carefully about this one because I want this one to succeed.

Mostly about what to post and when to post.

It’s all about biting off more than you can chew.

  • Back at the beginning of the year, I had this whole idea planned out for this blog. It was going to be stunning. I spent hours checking out websites and blogs, figuring out what looked good and what didn’t. I had this long (too long) list of all that I was going to talk about. Food, fashion, music, movies, books and more. I was kind of gettin’ a little crazy ’bout it all.
  • I got accepted to an internship that I’ve wanted for the past two years. This internship, a Disney internship, is competitive and getting accepted was a dream come true. However it begins before the launch date of this site. Back to the drawing board to figure out content.
  • This is my second time doing an internship with Disney. So I have a fairly decent idea of what is going to happen.Work, rides, network, rides, throw some food and sleep in the mix and we’ll call it good. I don’t want to waste that opportunity so I need to figure out to balance this blog and that internship. (this is apparently called being an adult. Life lessons here.)
  • I reached out to a blogger group that I’m in, one started by Mariah Coz, and they gave me some good advice for how often to post. It was at this point that I decided to post once a week.

And so we come to now. Now when I plan out the what and when of things. I have a better idea, I have a clearer idea of my plans for this blog. It’s allowed me to go bigger on some ideas, go smaller or even throw an idea out the window. I feel a lot more freedom now to explore this new creative journey.

Until we meet again between adventures,


What’s your posting schedule like? Has it evolved since you first started or are you planning to change it soon?