So the official launch for inspire Passport is just a month away! Technically just under a month away. I am so, so very excited for this.

It’s amazing how much something can change before it’s even launched.

One cool thing that will happening is the SOFT LAUNCH for inspire Passport.

Beginning on April 22, inspire Passport will be available online for a short time. Adventurers who arrive during that time are invited to email me at with feedback as well as post comments on the site. The soft launch ends on April 29 and the site will close until the official launch on May 17th.

So that’s happening but that’s not all I’ve been working on.

When I say working, I really mean playing.

One thing I love about this website is that just by living, I can find inspiration for this site. Stores with cool and unique products, buildings that look fantastic and food that is delicious. But I don’t want to be the only one showcasing here on the site. I am making it one of my top goals to create this blog to be a place that allows other people to share how they view their world. As fun as it would be to think that this world revolves around me, I’m glad it doesn’t because it means that I am constantly seeing new creations and ideas that I had never before thought.

Until your next break between adventures,


What did you think of the soft launch? Have you done one for your own blog/business?