A Capella Youtuber, producer, husband, father, all around cool guy 10940551_887926501259681_4939858460405968465_n

Name: Peter Hollens
Location: Eugene, OR
Check him out at: his website, youtube, facebook, patreon, twitter
Year that your first video was released: 2011
What got you started with a cappella music?: I think there is something truly special about the human voice. When it is done correctly, it is so incredibly appealing and it really touched me very early on in life. I listened to cassette tapes from collegiate a cappella groups and I think I have this pertinacity of really loving male vocal harmony. I do not know why, but I just love it and that is what I did for most of my college years. I got a voice performance degree, but I really majored in a cappella music. I focused on every angle from both the performers and producers’ point-of-views.
Pet Peeve: I’m a hare, tortoises bug me.
Favorite project to work on (collab or solo): Not a favorite, but one of them is Ashland’s Song
Favorite person and why: My wife – she’s amazing and I wouldn’t be where I am without her.
Favorite Season: The Fall
You have 24 hours of free time (won’t infringe on work), what would you do with it? Probably spend it with my family, maybe play disc golf

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