Name: Rachel Elizabeth Peugh 10351082_10153075784259245_8799577985515800749_n
Location: Cedar Hills, Utah

Contact her through her: website, facebook

Year that your first bridal dress was finished: 2014- before I went to fashion school and while I was there I primarily made evening gowns not wedding gowns. It was just because it’s hard to get a great selection of wedding dress fabrics here in Utah without shipping them in and while I was in school it fit the projects better to do evening gowns.

What got you started designing?: I’ve always loved fashion but I originally started after I joined the tech crew for my high schools theatre department as the costumer. That mixed with my love of weddings and fashion and I just fell in love and started designing in my free time.

Pet Peeve: There are two things I have a very hard time with the first is styrofoam. I can’t stand the sound or touching it, it just really bothers me. The second is weird but I can’t stand licking the glue on envelopes. I just can’t do it, I have to use a sponge or make someone else do it.

Weirdest gift you’ve received: I don’t think I’ve ever had a weird gift, but my grandparents do always bring us pencils from the places they’ve been visiting, I think that would be the weirdest.

Favorite project to work on (collab or solo): To date one of my favorite projects was a bustier that I did. You can actually see it if you go to the website, under the bespoke tab. It is the pink bustier thats been paired with a tulle skirt. Apart from the base the entire garment is hand sewn and took me 32 hours to complete. The chiffon on top is also all one continuous 10yd piece. I love just getting to play with fabric drapping it and twisting it to form something beautiful and thats what I got to do with this!

Favorite person, why: I think most people would say a parent or a celebrity and it is true that my mum and I are super close. In fact I almost put her but I think my favorite person is one of my best friends, Joshua! We met at fashion school and he came into my life when I was really growing and figuring out who I am. He is so funny and is one of the kindest people I know; I LOVE to be around him. The reason I chose him isn’t because he is a truly amazing friend, he is amazing but I chose him because I have always found it very hard to just be me. I’m very shy, but Joshua is always himself, he’s not afraid to be who he is and I really respect that! He also has had a lot thrown at him in life and has stayed strong and positive.

Favorite Season: It’s a toss up between Spring and Winter. I LOVE the snow and being able to layer but I also really love a beautiful garden and a great sundress.

You have 24 hours of free time (won’t hinge on work), what would you do with it? I would start by sleeping in, then I’d probably go shopping up at City Creek, after spending way too much money I’d come home and take a bubble bath, cook a nice dinner (I love to cook and would probably be trying a new recipe) and finally I’d hide out in my room and watch Hulu or Netflix.

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Rachel Elizabeth: Artist, Designer, Storyteller