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Name: Amanda French

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Year that first crochet project was finished: 2011. It was the ugliest puppy hat. Thank goodness I got better at it.

What got you started crocheting? I was on bed rest for about two months and super bored out of my mind. I always wanted to learn how to crochet and decided this was the best time. So my sweet husband went to the store and got me a hook and some yarn.

Pet Peeve: I have a couple but my biggest one is people who chew with their mouth open. It grosses me out.

Weirdest gift you’ve received: When I worked for the Disney Company, this super nice guy snuck a CD that he made himself (songs, vocals, and music) into my work place. I told him I couldn’t accept it but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was really sweet but the music was kind of strange.

Favorite project to work on: Anything new. I still love making all my crochet products but I always enjoy creating the new stuff. If I have to choose one that I make my favorite (there are a few) would be my gorilla (created it when I was in the musical tarzan), eeyore, and all the Frozen inspired hats.

Favorite person: My husband!!!! He is so patient and kind. He is so supportive and there for me. We have gone through a lot in out married lives and he always seems to be so happy about everything. My other favorite person (famous person) would be Walt Disney. He is so inspirational. I really look up to his achievements and the goals that he set for himself. He never gave up on his dream and I hope I never do either.

Favorite Season: Fall. I love it not only because that is my busy season but all the cute jackets come out, the leaves are changing, and it’s not to hot or to cold it’s perfect. I love the fall smells too.

You have 24 hours of free time, what would you do with it? That one is tough. I would want to spend time with my hubby for sure. We love the outdoors so possibly camping, hiking, or fishing. If I lived closer to Disney World or Disneyland, I would most likely be there. I love everything Disney.

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