It’s been just under two weeks (on Sunday!) since I launched inspire Passport and I feel as I’ve been neglecting it. I’ve published a new post every week (which was my goal) and yet I still feel as if I’m lacking.

I promise that I’ve been thinking about this blog every day of those last couple of weeks. It’s just been a struggle to get my ideas out, organized and on the screen.

I can honestly say that I like working with a live website than one that I am planning for. It’s online, it’s out there and people not myself can see it. That means something to me.

“I did both a soft launch and an official launch and I failed at both. I was not prepared for either, not in the way that I wanted or should have been. I don’t like failure, I mean who does, right? My track record, when it comes to personal projects is to let failure take over my excitement for the project. I want to change that. That’s one reason why I’m liking this blog. Nowhere to go but up. I am still going to write and I’m still going to post.”

That is what I have written in my little blog notebook that I carry with me. And while every word is true, it feels very two-dimensional. There’s more to me than what can be seen or read here on the screen, just like there’s more to you.

The title of this post states that I’m happy about the failed launch (make that launches). That is absolutely true. It, for me, was an epic failure but what would seal that failure would be to just give up. That would make it permanent and I can’t have that. I haven’t given up on this site and I’m constantly coming up with new projects and discovering new ideas that I want to try on this site. Some will have to remain on the drawing board until I can bring together the right people to turn the ideas into reality. With the others, I’m tweaking them and yes, some will be thrown away.

This blog is never going to be complete. It’s slowly becoming the place for me to push the boundaries of my creativity. Failure is acceptable. It’s what comes afterwards that matters.

Until we meet again between adventures,


What is something that you have failed at but kept pushing for? Comment below!