When I sat down yesterday to work on this week’s post, nothing worked. My mind went blank. The words seemed trapped up in my head and wouldn’t come out on the screen.

So what I have decided to do is let you know about some of the upcoming pieces I have planned for you. Let’s begin!


  • More Interviews! I’m currently working on fine-tuning several fun interviews with some really talented people. I love getting a glimpse into how they create their art and then to be able to share it with all of you.
  • Let’s talk about art! On my drawing board is a special series that I’m excited to play around with. It involves a lot of photos and it will be all about storytelling. There isn’t a current release date for the first in the series but stay tuned.
  • Spread the love! I have the opportunity through this blog to talk about creative projects that I think are great. Each project will have its own personal section on inspire Passport to help spread the word about its awesomeness.
  • Help One Another! Starting next week, there will be a series that involves all of you. This series will be a support group for anyone seeking help with creative blocks. Its design is to be an open, welcoming place where everyone is free to seek out answers or share wisdom. It will be located underneath the ‘Support’ category for any and all future posts.

I couldn’t quite decide if this belonged in the ‘Write Direction’ series. Because it’s not really about blogging. And while part of me thought ‘Hey, this is my blog, I make the rules’, I wanted to have something to tie this to the series.

If you would please return your attention to the title of the post. That first half is what I’ll be discussing right now. I feel bad for not having something special for you today. Not an interview, not a new project, I kind of feel as if I let both you and myself down. But I think that’s why posts like this one (the update portion) are common amongst bloggers. Life happens offline which can affect what happens online. But having finished this update, I might be inclined to do more of the same periodically. It doesn’t give away TOO much information (no spoilers, I hope) but I do like announcing things. It’s the anticipation and (from my side of the computer) makes me work harder to release the best posts and projects for your enjoyment.

All in all, I’d say this post was a good backup post. And please, get ready for the fun adventures that will be found here.

Until we meet again between adventures,


Do you ever write ‘update posts’ on your blog? Share your latest link in the comments below!