Once upon a time in a far away web, there was a little blog named inspire Passport. This little blog had big ideas and dreams and the full 5-10 year plan all mapped out. 

And then life happened.

Okay so the story of this blog isn’t quite like that.

But inspire Passport has gone through changes. And that’s what this story is about. I wanted to share a bit about how quickly blogs can change direction. Which isn’t a bad thing but instead a part of the life of a blog.

Back in the fall of 2014, I was starting to put together a more detailed idea for a writer’s website. A place that I could 1) promote my own work, 2) promote the ideas and projects of others that I found and 3) to host a reference gallery for a collection of images that corresponded with writings I was working on.

I found a talented photographer, I was seeking out a couple to model for the shoot and had chosen the locations for the shoot. But then the shoot started falling apart. The story was put back on the shelf, finals were coming up in school, nothing was working.

Plus let’s be honest, I didn’t have any published pieces to promote.  Not exactly the best way for an author website to look.

Over the next 4 months, I threw out the author website idea and started focusing on that 2nd part of the original idea. I was also working with a friend over the design of the site. I was going to do a self-hosted site, design it myself (well sort of) and ta-da, it would be glorious.

Money held off the self-hosting but then as I started working on the site you see before you now, the concept was already changing. I had decided during the 4 month period that I would start including interviews with creative, talented people about how they created their art. I was going to include spotlights on creative spaces, fun furniture and new technology that I thought could help someone (like myself) do more with their creativity. And then I was going to include curated posts and ideas that I found around the Web.

And now?

Now we come to today. To this very moment. What has been named above as a possibility could still yet become a part of inspire Passport. But what I’m doing right now is building the foundation. I want this site to last and to do that, I need to hone in on a few ideas and work from there. Slowly building, slowly carving out a place in this vast online world.

This journey that I’m taking with inspire Passport is a new thing for me. It’s turning into something that reaches outside my comfort zone and I’m taking chances, I will most likely make mistakes and it will undoubtedly get messy. And yes, Liz the lizard is my spirit animal. So my friend, I hope you continue going on this journey with me.

Until we meet again between adventures,


How has your site transformed since you’ve started? Share your story below, I’d love to hear read it!