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Last Friday night I got off of work, walked through Downtown Disney and into the restaurant at House of Blues for a show.

That night kind of produced a marathon of firsts.

Twas my first time going to House of Blues (someday I might see a stage show there), first time getting carded by a bouncer (he thought I was 19, an age I have thankfully put behind me) and my first time listening to Faultlines live.

Okay so more of a half-marathon but still.

I had a blast. A full-on tappin’-my-toes, singin’-with-the-band blast.

Take note of that. It doesn’t often happen.

But what did it take to produce that kind of reaction?

Three things: music, location, water.

To switch it up, we’ll discuss that list in reverse.

Ice water. Delicious, cold. It really hit the spot right after work, you know? Stay hydrated, my friends.

Alright, back to more important things.

What was it about the venue or about the music that really stuck out to me?

THE VENUE: To start off, it was crowded. Not in an uncomfortable way but in a nearly-every-seat-full kind of way. The bar was packed, the tables around the restaurant had people coming and going (mostly coming), and all but 1 (maybe 2?) booths on the side lacked people. It wasn’t a large space but big enough to allow people to enjoy themselves. There was the hum of chatter throughout the room. Definitely had a party-vibe going on but much more laid-back than a full on rave. Concert goers were chatting throughout both sets and everyone seemed to get along and enjoy the company. Now I’m more of a house party/jam session type of girl so this setting really resonated with me. It really stuck with me and allowed me to sit back, enjoy my water and let my ears do a happy dance with the music.

THE MUSIC: Faultlines-a group formed of Todd McCool (yes, that is his real name), guitar; Ashley Morgan, vocals; and John Flanagan,vocals-felt like such a good group to be performing in this type of venue. Acoustic guitar and some very spectacular sets of vocal pipes. The music was great, it really was. But that’s only part of why they stuck out to me. It’s how they handled in between numbers and in between the sets. They turned what could have been a straight concert into an intimate night between friends. Joking and talking between numbers (or during numbers), coming out and meeting fans, first timers and everyone in between and just speaking with them. They were taking requests (specifically Chandelier by Sia which set my little music heart aflutter. SERIOUS FALSETTOS there by Mr. John Flanagan. Check out the video here and thank you to that unknown marvelous person for posting that video!!) and during the 2nd set, they did a lovely singalong cover of Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody (you better believe I was singing along. Belting it out might be a better description).

My main regret? That I wasn’t able to get to the show until the first set was winding down. That being said, I look forward to seeing another show at HoB and seeing another Faultlines performance (bonus points if the two can be combined again).

For more on Faultlines, check out their Twitter and Facebook pages.