Name: Jackson Damejdame profile
Location: Columbia, SC
Where you can find him online: 
Year that you were first published (blog post/article/etc): Well, I’ve been blogging since 2009, but I didn’t take writing seriously until 2013.
What got you started writing?: Reading and listening to stories. I’ve had a love for writing since I was a kid. I once turned in a 20-page short story for school assignment that was supposed to be only 5 pages. Why? Because I loved to write. When I was younger I loved writing fiction, but now I only write non-fiction. Perhaps that will change at some point.
Pet Peeve: Clutter and disorganization.
Weirdest/Coolest gift you’ve received: I love unique socks, so my fiancee bought me a pair that have a bacon pattern on them. Those are pretty weird, but also very cool.
Favorite project to work on (collab or solo): Logo designs. The process of working with a client to create a logo that represents their brand is super fun. It’s challenging, but that’s probably what makes it so fun.
Favorite person, why: If we’re going with someone that I don’t know personally, I’d say C.S. Lewis. He was such a deep thinker which is a quality that I strive after. His work is very inspiring to me.
Favorite Season: Fall. I grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, so fall reminds me of the changing of the leaves. I like seasons of big transition because it causes me to think about life.
You have 24 hours of free time (won’t hinge on work), what would you do with it? I’d go on an adventure with my fiancee. Which would definitely include a trip to a coffee shop and a book store. If you ever wonder where I am, it’s probably one of those two places.
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