Note: This post was written in a Jiffy Lube during a game of ‘What’s Wrong with my Car?’

It’s been awhile since I wrote a new ‘Write Direction’ post. 3 weeks to be exact. While there have still been new posts every week, there has been nothing new about the blog.

So I am here today to correct that.


I actually meant to write the same day that I had posted the Faultlines concert review (review? That sounds so formal..) Truly, I did. But there were some, well, difficulties in writing the Faultlines post so I ended up focusing on that.

There were a few little reasons and regrets. The pictures, the words, the post itself. Little things like that.

In no particular order, I regret not planning sooner to do the post. I might have had an inkling of an idea to do it but it didn’t hit me until the first set was just about over.

Because what did I not plan on?


Oh gosh. Photos. I had opportunities. OPPORTUNITIES, I tell you! And I was scared.

Side note: Remember that feeling. It’ll come up later.

With the words, I was worried about how it sounded. In a former life (aka 3 years ago) I wrote music reviews and though people seemed to like what I wrote, I was backing myself into a corner.

Before I start to ramble, let’s move on.

I would be sharing the post online. Obviously if you are reading this, I have no problem with posting online. But I would be sharing this post on twitter with the Faultlines group. Did I need to do that? No but I wanted to. Knowing that they would see and hopefully/possibly read the post, that made me nervous.

Which brings us back to the scared feeling I mentioned earlier. I was too scared to go up to the group and ask for a photo. I think it was because I didn’t want to feel intimidated. I have met all the members of the group before and they’ve all been super nice to me BUT in this setting, intimidation was a feeling I wanted to avoid.

Deep breaths might be necessary but that feeling is something I want to get past. In order to create the best content, it’s going to need to happen sooner rather than later.

What are some things that keep you from creating/posting your best content? Share in the comments below!