Early to BedEarly To Rise

I did not want to go to bed last night. I wanted to stay up and watch another movie..But finally I crashed around 11:30.

Why did I not want to go to sleep? I love sleep. I love dreaming, nightmares (if they come) rarely cause me to wake up and I, physically, don’t have to do anything for several hours a day and no one questions it. Yet there I was, thinking about turning on some movie and watching it. As the clock ticked by, I realized a movie really was out of the question, so I just started reading one of my Kindle books. I think I got a couple of pages read when I kept going cross-eyed, I was so tired.

Thankfully (luckily?) I had already set my alarm so when I closed my computer and got in bed, I could just let the dreams come.

I think that I woke up around 7:30…and turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. Quite possibly that happened around 8 am as well. I think subconsciously that I knew I didn’t have anything super-duper pressing this morning and so my body said “Okay, let’s sleep.” Which is also probably why I didn’t get out of bed until 10. It might be that my phone and my computer are too close to my bed. Maybe the desk is a better option? Thoughts?

Day 3: Complete