About 3 days ago (4 actually, now that I think about it), I posted about a challenge I was going to do. A challenge to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Every day I’m supposed to write about it and whether or not something better or worse happened.

Why? It feels odd to be writing about myself and while I’m trying not to include much personal information about myself in the posts, the bed times and wake times are kind of important to this challenge.

I guess since this is my site and since this is something I want to do, it can go here. Besides it means that I am accountable to all of you. That is partly what convinced me to go to bed when I did last night because I didn’t want to have to say I had stayed up until such-and-such time when I could have gone to bed earlier. But I digress.

This project is an experiment, with the daily writing, with the content and with myself. To see if I can actually get it done.

Now, enough about that. What about the rest of the blog?

With my vacation over, I should be getting back to a regular routine with the writing and posting on this site. I have some upcoming posts that I’m really excited about.

Until the next break between adventures,


What’s a project that you have taken on and documented on your site? Comment and share below!