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It’s been about a month since the first part of the interview was published. I am happy to now present the 2nd part of the interview with world-class drummer, Dre’ Energy. From re-listening and transcribing this interview, I have learned a lot about the music world and more about what it takes to succeed in a creative field. 

The other thing is you gotta like people. I work with people from, we have 26 countries represented on our tour and not everyone is brought up like you. And it sometimes, it’s just culture clash. That’s the best way I can put it. Everyone’s not brought up like you. My Russian friends, I can remember going to bed at 7 at night, no more like 9 or 10:30 at night because I was really tired and I got up at 9:30 or 10 the next morning and they’re still partying. It’s just how their thing works. You gotta know that, that they like that, that it’s a part of their culture.

So you talked about how if you want to do the tour, you have to really work. what do you do to kind of keep yourself focused, what do you do to make sure you stay sane from all the traveling and the working?

well you know, I come from a really heavy spiritual background, so it’s me meditating, it’s me listening to music that uplifts, it doesn’t have to be gospel music or anything like that, it can be my favorite jazz tune, whatever the case may be, I could listen be a lot of things. What I do as well is I grind. Not only am I working but I’m grinding, I work with a lot of people who are okay with being where they are. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just it is what it is. But I’m not. So I’m always trying to find the next greatest thing, so if that means that you know, it’s kind of weird to go to Russia and do my own thing. But they love me. My first clinic in Russia, 217 people showed up and they had to turn people away. I couldn’t even get in the door to do the clinic at first. So you know, those things are wonderful for me, being able to kind of spread who you are around in different parts of the world.

Alright, so February that’s when the tour’s ending for you?

February 21, 2016, the tour ends in New Zealand.

New Zealand, I hear New Zealand is very nice.

Yeah, you know, I’m not upset.

I don’t know many who would be.

You know, I’m not upset, so I’ll be there through Australia and this leg of the tour finishes up in about 5 weeks. I’ve been out here since the beginning of April. Then 3 weeks in Tel Aviv and 2 weeks in Bangkok. Then I have a clinic that I am doing at the Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood on August 14th and that’s it. You know, trying to go home and find my way, and do some shopping so I can move when I come back home in November.

Alright so we’ve talked about the uplifting music whether it’s gospel and jazz. What are some other things that inspire you?

Family, you know, being able to look at my wife on my phone, to talk to my mother, being able to see my children growing up and accomplishing their dreams. That inspires me. As well as someone contacting me, that I have no clue of or that I don’t think I’ve met before that tells me that I changed their life. I’m really big on talking to my fans. They send me a message to my inbox, I respond. So I’m responding all day long. I get a lot of crazy things but I can remember trying to contact my favorite musicians and they would read my messages. So it’s very important to me, they inspire me to be more touchable, more approachable. It’s comforting. You never know what someone’s personal life is like and you may be their only light. The fans, the family, the grind. By the time I go to these cities, I don’t go see the sites. I’m trying to connect with people so that I can come back and do something else. So that’s my thing. I appreciate the history of these cities and I think it’s wonderful but at the end of the day, after February 21st, then what? So that’s my thing. I’m always trying to grind as much as possible.

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