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It’s time for the final portion of my interview with Dre’ Energy. Working on this interview has been one of the coolest things I have ever done. Going back over and listening again to the advice and knowledge that Dre’ shares has taught me a lot and I am excited to share this final bit. 

With your family, they’re important, how are you able to balance that, what do you do to balance so that they know that you’re still there for them?

it’s very, very hard at times. It’s hard to delegate anything when you’re not present, when you’re not around. One thing I’ve learned though is communication. Constantly communicating, I’m always constantly communicating with my wife and sometimes with my daughter. I could be on stage playing a show and still communicating. With Skype or talking, I talk to my wife all day long. On purpose to kind of ease the burden of me being gone. And it doesn’t change the fact, the conversation that’s had every day, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m away but it helps ease the tension of being gone as long.

Communication. Really, really communicating. Really still being on top of things in my house, you know, I pay all the bills in my house. I’m still on top of all of that stuff. It’s just that whole overall thing

So when you finish and finally find that house in LA, are they going to follow?

We live close to New Orleans right now, no, when I move to LA in November, they move with me. So this buying a house and finding a place for us all to start something. My daughter starts modeling camp on Sunday in Atlanta and she’s 15, but she’s starting that and I think for her, it would be a better fit to be located on the West Coast as opposed to New Orleans. Maybe New Orleans won’t have the opportunities and for what she does, it would be better to be located on the West Coast.

That’s going to be great to all be together.

Yeah, at this point, I’ve been able to put my name in places, to do some things, make some things happen so I’m able to kind of be able to do a little bit more. I’ve kind of done some work outside of playing the Cirque job so I’m looking forward to that whole experience. I’m looking forward to starting and finding my niche and hopefully playing behind a big pop artist name and kind of just doing that. I’m just doing that, my own thing. I’m looking forward to the whole experience of it.

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