candis dream (1)

as told by Candis Hickman

As a girl I remember daydreaming often about my adult life.  I wasn’t too fussed about what I would ‘be when I grew up’ as long as it meant I could wear a pantsuit to work and live in the big city with my drop-dead gorgeous husband.   Some days I wanted to be a lawyer, other days an architect.  I knew I’d be a working class woman and dreamed of the nine to five.  Growing up in Australia I was accustomed to two seasons – summer and a slightly chilly change we referred to as ‘winter’.  I imagined my future in a world with all four seasons – I couldn’t wait to experience ‘Fall’!  Back then my dreams felt big and I didn’t doubt I would achieve them.

The first inkling that my dreams had shifted came during my second winter in Chicago.  I was sitting by the window in my tiny rental apartment in the city looking out as the snow drifted from the trees above.  It was a beautiful sight and yet I felt suffocated within my four walls.  I had the things I’d dreamed of my whole life – a job in which I could wear a pantsuit if I wanted, an apartment in a city with four seasons and a drop dead gorgeous husband.

But I realized there was one thing this life hadn’t afforded me… Freedom!

As an adult I now realize that my dream life can be summed up with one word.  Freedom. I want the freedom to live my life on my own terms and at my own pace.

Contrary to my childhood dreams, I want to live by the ocean in a home built just for me.  I want the freedom to paint the walls if I want.  I want the freedom to hang pictures and drill holes.  My home will be a beautiful combination of rustic meets beachy with an outdoor shower, an infinity pool and barbeque area.  I want an outdoor guesthouse for all my many visitors!

In my dream life I am never limited by finances.  I have the freedom to fly to Australia and visit my family whenever I feel the tug on my heart strings to do so.  I have the financial freedom to buy my father that ride-on lawnmower he’s always wanted and my mother that boat she always wished she could afford.  In my dream life paying bills is never a source of stress.

I dream of an uncaged life where I can travel and explore new places even on a week-day – a life where I have more ‘days off’ than ‘days on.’

In my relationship I dream of freedom; freedom from the bonds of childhood trauma, freedom from past relationships that impact on our present and future.  I dream of a relationship where we are free to pick up and move cities if we so want.  I want a relationship that is open, honest and pressure free.  Where we can build a life full of TIME; where we have the freedom to spend more than two hours a day in each other’s presence.

But most of all I want the freedom to invest in myself regularly.  I want to feel confident in knowing that I earned the investment.  I dream of a life free of worry, doubt and stress! I want the freedom to have a picnic outside in the middle of winter, to take an afternoon swim by the pier and to take coffee dates in the middle of the day.

And I know my dream life will arrive with the simple belief that it’s possible!

So what does your dream life look like? Can you sum it up with one word?

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