It’s already 2016?

Where did the year go?

More specifically where did go?

While those questions (and more) will be answered, I’d like to focus more on what I’m looking forward to in the new year. I actually wrote a guest post like this for 2015 which you can read here.

Goal-setting is hard for me ESPECIALLY at the end/beginning of a year. Okay, actually that’s a lie. It’s quite easy for me to set goals but to maintain those goals is a lot harder. I think March might still be my record. But I digress.

I’ve been thinking what kind of outcome I want to have next year, some kind of theme to focus on. I won’t be doing any major internships (like 2015 and in 2013) so I’ll be at school for the entirety of this year. Even though that will be the primary focus-to the joy of my parents-I want to keep working towards a life beyond school. So I decided that this year is the year to prepare for that. This year, I will be preparing for once my last final is complete and I wear a cap and gown and proclaim myself a college graduate-to the joy of both me and my parents-and I want to make the most of this new year.


  1. Get out of bed when my alarm goes off the 1st time.

  2. Spend more time in the Scriptures and not just on Sundays.

  3. Make time to read books so I don’t feel guilty when I should be studying.

  4. Write, write, write for school or otherwise.

  5. Let myself experiment in creativity and embrace those choices.

  6. Reach out to others and let them in, share more of myself with them.

  7. Give more than my best on the group project for the Imaginations competition.

  8. Spend at least one day a month doing whatever I want with no schedules attached.

  9. Add more dishes to my culinary repertoire aka learn how to cook real people food.

  10. Complete my yearlong creativity project.

  11. Finish the online writing courses that I’ve started (and stopped). I proclaim this the year of the written word…at least my written word.

  12. Try out for Gold I Latin Ballroom.

  13. Read an entire book in Spanish.

  14. Don’t be so hard on myself and laugh and learn from my mistakes.

  15. Embrace the awkward.

  16. Allow Sundays to be  the days of rest and treat them as such.


There you have it, my 16 goals for 2016! What goals do you want to accomplish? Share in the comments below!