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when the world is your oyster, adventure awaits

Hello there!

All good friendships begin with an introduction. Here’s mine. 2015-06-03 14.24.16

I’m Jocelyn, a 5’6” media buff/theme park junkie.

I love food and so far it loves me. It definitely loves my thighs.

I am a current participant of the Disney College Program in Anaheim, California.

My first Disney program was in Orlando, Florida in 2013.

I love finding out the backstories of creative projects and creative people.

I am a Mormon.

I love to sing, I play piano, flute and I can play a few different songs on the guitar.

I would consider myself a house party/jam session type of girl.

The car is where some of my best vocal performances take place.

I’m always up for a good road trip.

I like seeking out adventures. Even if ‘adventure’ means movie night or dinner with friends.

I talk a lot as seen here.

So that’s a bit about me. What about you?

Send me an email at! I’d love to meet you!


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